Royal Blue Elastic Knitting CT Heats Up Scuba Sandwich Fabric for Spring and Autumn Fashion Garments NWKD-7240

Simer Textile is a professional manufacturing supplier and exporting factory of royal blue elastic knitting CT heats up scuba sandwich fabric for spring and autumn fashion garments in Shaoxing Chna


Item: NWKD-7240 Royal Blue
Composition: 40% Cotton, 44% Polyester, 8% Spandex
Cut Width: 160CM
Weight: 320GSM
Stretch: Slight Easticity


Color: Blue, Sky Blue, Royal Blue


Hand Feel: Smooth, Soft and Comfortable
Thickness: Moderate / Medium
Style: Smooth Sandwich Fabric
Pattern: Plain Texture
Technics: Weft





Packaging Details

  1. Rolled with paper tube plus plastic bag
  2. According to customers’ requirements

Delivery Leading Time





The knitting scuba sandwich fabrics are widely suitable for dress, garment, coat, jacket, apparel-coat, skirt, windbreaker, and etc.


Expansion Information


This is a competitive knitting heats up CT scuba sandwich fabric. The polyester yarn is made of light absorbing and heating yarn, which can gradually increase the temperature and keep away from the cold after wearing.


Sky blue is light and clear, easily reminiscent of air and water, and also symbolizes peace and quiet.


Sky blue is about the elements of air and water in nature, expressing a calm and harmonious state of mind. Sky blue is introverted and low-key, not publicizing, and has its own indifferent. At the same time, the absorption and heating of raw materials make the clothes themselves have the temperature, which not only retains the fresh feeling, but also enhances the body temperature. It is the most suitable scuba sandwich fabric for spring and autumn.



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