Heavy Beige Braid Jacquard Knitting Polyester Cashmere Fabric for Coat Dress Shawl Scarf NWKD-6311

Simer Textile is a manufacturing supplier and exporting factory of heavy beige braid jacquard knitting polyester cashmere fabric for coat dress shawl scarf in Shaoxing China


Item: NWKD-6311 Dark Beige
Composition: 50%R 28%T 22%N
Cut Width: 145CM
Weight: 330GSM
Stretch: Slight Elastic


Color: Beige, Pink, Yellow, Gold


Hand Feel: Soft and Comfortable
Thickness: Moderate / Heavy
Style: 3D Braid Imitation Cashmere
Pattern: Braid
Technics: RNT Jacquard Weft
Drape: Good Drapability


R: Rayon T: Polyester N: Nylon



Other Colors of RNT Heavy Braid Jacquard Knitting Polyester Cashmere Fabric




Packaging Details

  1. Rolled with paper tube plus plastic bag
  2. According to customers’ requirements

Delivery Leading Time





The RNT imitation / faux cashmere fabrics are widely suitable for fashion garments and apparels, such as dress, coat, skirt, suit, shawl, scarf, blouse and etc.


Expansion Information


RNT cashmere imitation series belong to the fabrics for autumn and winter, it’s very popular and hot-selling all over the world.


The fabric material is rayon, nylon, polyester”, some also contain spandex or metallic yarn. However, the appearance and feel of the fabric is close to cashmere, so it is called imitation cashmere, but the price will be much lower than cashmere fabrics, so that customers can buy fabrics similar to cashmere at the lowest price, absolutely cheap.


>> More Details about RNT Imitation / Faux Cashmere Fabrics



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