Lemon Grass Melange Eco-friendly Single Jersey Knit Fabric NWKD-6702

Wholesaler high quality melange lemon grass eco-friendly single jersey knit fabric for T shirt underwear from China factory supplier and manufacturer


Item: NWKD-6702 Lemon Grass
Composition: 85% Polyester 15% Linen
Cut Width: 155CM
Weight: 140GSM


Color: Beige, Grey, Lemon Grass, Cornhusk, Yallow, Pale Peach, Rose Red, Paradise Pink, Beacon Blue, Melange, or Customized

The composition of this melange fabric is 94% polyester + 6% linen, its weight and width are 145gsm and 155cm, and the fabric thickness is moderate. The overall feel is very soft, suitable for the production of base shirts, vests and long-sleeved garments.



Other Colors of Melange Eco-friendly Single Jersey Knit Fabric



Packaging Details

  1. Rolled with paper tube plus plastic bag
  2. According to customers’ requirements

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The jersey fabrics are widely Available for t-shirts, sportswears, tops, bottoms, jackets, casual suits.


Expansion Information


Bleaching and Dyeing Processing Method of Jersey Knit Fabric


There are two methods of bleaching and dyeing of jersey:


One is the fine bleaching method, the fabric is scouring, alkali shrinking, and then bleaching or dyeing, so that the fabric is compact, smooth, and has a small shrinkage rate.


The other is the bleaching method, in which the fabric is scouring and then bleached or dyed to make the fabric soft and elastic.




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