Solid 4X2 DTY Rib Knitted Fabric NWKD-6058-1

Solid stretch polyester elastic 4X2 DTY rib knitted fabric for fashion garment from China manufacturer and exporter


Item: NWKD-6058-1
Composition: 95%T 5%SP
Cut Width: 160CM
Weight: 150GSM
Color: Black, Blue, Dark Green, Light Blue, Wine, Pink, White, Orange, Light Purple

Rib Fabric Features

Ribs are mainly made of upper and lower needle cylinders, and the stitches on both sides are alternately formed. Most of the rib is 1*1 and 2*2, but there are also some irregular rib.


  1. It has extensibility and great flexibility
  2. Quick recovery after stretching, not easy to wrinkle
  3. Comfortable, washable and dry easily
  4. Special finishing process, comfortable feeling
  5. Competitive Price


Packaging Details

  1. Rolled with paper tube plus plastic bag
  2. According to customers’ requirements

Delivery Leading Time




The rib fabrics are widely used in vest, t-shirt, jacket, as well as hat, glove, wrist guard, and knee pad. They are also used as cuffs, collar, hem, neckline and trim, because of their strong elasticity.




Expansion Information


Simer Textile is a professional manufacturing and exporting supplier of solid stretch polyester elastic 4X2 DTY rib knitted fabric for fashion garmen in Shaoxing China.




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